Why Join HentaiKey GT?

What are the benefits of having a Hentai Key GT membership? Well if you are not yet familiar with the system we will give you a short list of things you can expect to receive with your Hentai Key GT!

Loads of Content

Not only do you get access to the Hentai Palm archives, you also get exclusive access more then 500+ other quality hentai sites that harness more then 5,000,000 megabytes (5TB+) of fully downloadable hentai content.

Stuff Not Available Elsewhere

Access to full and exclusive hentai movies. The movie selection is broad, with hunderds of movies for you to choose from.

Hassle-Free Downloads

All movie content on the hentaikey websites are simply downloadable. You can download everything and anything directly to your computer and not have to worry about the content not being viewable, it's yours to keep forever.

Fast Downloads

If you have broadband, you'll love HentaiKey GT and its high download speeds. With HentaiKey GT, you are able to get all the content that you deserve within a matter of minutes.


Discreet billing and no "Nasty Porn Site" or something similar on your bank statement - and of course, a 100% secured (SSL) transaction through our well-established payment processor!

English Doujinshi!

Access to the exclusive Doujin-World Translations website, where you can find a huge collection of japanese doujinshi translated for you to English!

Professional Support

With your HentaiKey GT, you will also enjoy the professional support of both webmasters and HentaiKey employees. You will also get daily updates; fresh content every day. The massive content variety with more then 5,000,000 megabytes (5TB+) of content just waiting to be downloaded by our members.

Those reasons sound pretty convincing, don't they? If you've made up your mind and want to sign up, simply go to the top of this page and click on "Join Here."

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