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News & Updates

Hentai Babes Update January 25, 2013 at 11:57 AM by Allie
New gallery with about 400 new pictures added to the Hentai Babes section.


Hentai Babes
» Maids
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Hentai Babes Update January 22, 2013 at 03:17 PM by Allie
Today's update is a new gallery of just over 750 pictures added to the Hentai Babes section.


Hentai Babes
» Paizuri(Boob Jobs)
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Gallery Update January 21, 2013 at 12:02 PM by Allie
Today's update is 3 more brand new galleries.


Game Babes
» Dragons Dogma
» Lolipop Chainsaw

Famous Toons
» Black Dynamite
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Gallery Update January 16, 2013 at 03:17 PM by Allie
Small gallery update. I added in 3 new galleries so check them out and enjoy!

Anime Serie Hentai
» Shugo Chara
» Beelzebub

Famous Toons
» Monster High
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Hentai Babes Update September 13, 2012 at 10:50 PM by Allie
I promised to do an update after server maintenance but as some of you may have noticed we had some hiccups for a few days afterwards. Now that it's all sorted out I'm here to offer up sweet offerings of hentai goodness!

This is a fairly big update, even though it's only 1 new gallery added there's over 4,700 new pictures.


Hentai Babes
» Tentacles
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Maintenance September 8, 2012 at 10:12 PM by Allie
Tomorrow(09/09/2012) the main site will be going down from 12pm-9pm (GMT+2) to allow for us to do some server maintenance. When it comes back up I will be posting some new updates for everyone to enjoy =)

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Update: Server maintenance has been completed sorry for the downtime, should be up and running now, if you do encounter any problems please let us know!
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Until My Childhood Friend Is Completely Soiled June 25, 2012 at 09:10 PM by Numbus

Digital Novel time, seeing we mostly focus on games and movies it's a good thing to alter out. This digital novel by Es_Lab is one of the nicer new releases done the past few days on DLsite and there for also deserves a bit of attention.

Nothing out of the ordinary, your typical Hentai based College girl drama almost. Although maybe possibly a more common reality now days thanks to the great selection of mobile devices out there making it much easier to capture something you shouldn't have. The novel is starring Rina Kurose, a pink haired girl with an highly overactive sex drive. One time she couldn't control herself and ended up masturbating at the school, yet she didn't know someone was watching and decided to take some pictures of her erotic adventure. Which he of course had to show to unknowing subject. What happens after that is readable in the novel!

What can you expect in terms of content from such a novel as this, well you can compare it to a traditional Adventure game but without the extended story arch. Seems that the creators where a bit in of a identity crisis considering their product as well when they created it as it feels like a full blown game but yet doesn't really have all those elements to it. What you can expect is high quality CG art work done by the Es_Lab (Lilith Lauda) artist, which goes to show there is definite benefit in sticking to 1 female character so a constant level of quality can be produced.

As an extra bonus is that all the dialogue from Rina is voiced over. To give an extra dimension to the novel it self. There are no male voices included nor sounds, as this is obviously geared towards a male crowed and it is entirely expected that you could pick up the male dialogue if you wish! But in all seriousness the voice acting is done well by, with even though the translational higher pitched voice it truly comes across very well, emotion is well put into the dialogue which makes it even better when it comes to the sexual parts. Where the voice acting is very well combined with sound effects amplifying the illustrations perfectly.

What is also important is the good fade over of the pictures, this part is done decently well, sometimes when going through the novel I really wished there where more CG images included for the transitions but in the end it you get over it by having a very wide selection of art being presented containing pretty much all of the sexual acts you would expect a College girl would possibly be into, without whipping out the Tentacle monsters. This including but not limited to Blowjobs (yes very nice voice acting and sound effects to amplify the experience), missionary and doggy style. You can also pick in most situation the way you wish to ejaculate for instance on her face or in her mouth. And does she swallow? Well I let you find out that one :)

The Rating
A good variation of story, illustration and voice acting gives this a good value. The price might be a bit on the higher end when you look at the very limited presented screenshots. But as soon you even get the Trial version you already realize a lot of work went into this Digital novel and it's content and justifies nicely. The sexual content is well varied and good quality. So in overall it got a 4 out of 5 hands down for it's genre (Digital novels). Was very pleased with my purchase in the end.

Download the Digital Novel below:
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Forum June 18, 2012 at 11:04 AM by Allie
The forum has been down the past bit, we are aware of this and working to fix the issue as fast as we can.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hpalm Staff
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Calthu's Heretic Fortress Tactics June 17, 2012 at 01:17 AM by Numbus

The Bellzebubu circle released this new Castle Defender game. Seeing we don't see many R Rated Castle Defender games it was worth picking this to the side for a review.

The Storyline
You are the leader of a small country caught in a cross fire between two super powers. Your father the king was able to hold off the super powers with smart diplomacy however after dieing of the plague, you the prince took over the defenses of the country. Within a short time your castle was invaded, instead of surrendering a Fire demon was summoned to defend our country and destroy the super powers for good. Sounds thrilling doesn't it.

The Game
The game is a mixture between an traditional Hentai Arcade/Adventure game and a Castle Defender game. The storyline and dialogues are done within the traditional form, for those that cant read Japanese it simply a Enter for 20 seconds to the sex scenes and the levels.

In most adventure games is the language barrier the killer of the game interaction because it is no more then a CG collection you are trying to unlock. By adding the Castle defender element to the game it varies the game play a lot so the game because much more interesting to keep playing.

It's just a shame that that secondary element wasn't further developed. The adventure part of the game has great CG quality and good sex scenes that vary between plenty of the female characters however when it comes down to the interactive element it seems to be missing something.

In the beginning the castle defending is as in any castle defender game seriously easy, in the later levels on the other hand it becomes insanely challenging (which is a good thing). The interface is on the other hand a bit cluttered and it isn't always directly clear how much funds you have to spend to upgrade your towers or place new ones.

After each successful battle you get put back in the Arcade mode, where you get the chance most of the time to enjoy your spoils and upgrade your abilities. Which help out with your castle defending.

The CG art is great though and plenty of variation with a whole arsenal of female characters, all kind of different sex scenes and the ability later on the click through them on demand and preference as with most games.

The Rating
Due to the great variety of content and the mixture of game play this game deserves a 3.5 in it's genre of Adventure games. Due to its smart mixture of game play changes it makes the game more gripping and you really look forward to the spoils after beating off the armies.

Yet the castle game part is very buggy and blocky (yeah aint a worth I know). Which means the attacking units don't really fall in line, making it hard to really plan your tower placement in some maps. Another minus would be the cost of the game, it does offer more then other Adventures which mostly cost in the same range but for some it is on the higher end.

Although if you enjoy Succubus, fantasy, castle defending and good CG and sex scenes, you will enjoy this game. Not certain you can also try out the free trial available at DLSite.

Download the Game below:
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Vitamin Quest June 15, 2012 at 11:29 PM by Numbus

Butagoma 300g came out with yet another RPG Game for all us to enjoy. I must be getting old because I truly miss playing games like this, the old school style of RPG brings back all the fond memories of the Nintendo back to me. Luckily modern technology modernized even the old game style by allowing high quality art work to be used for character art, allows sex scenes to be displayed and has better animations then back in the old days but it stays mostly nostalgia that makes a person try out these games.

You have the guide the young adult elven lady on her dispatch sex quest. As she is set out to be on a baby making quest with the townspeople. A true pleasure goal and task indeed. You want more depth? I'm sorry, there is none out of on it's own but it's an RPG you can create your own story flow as you please.

The Content
Normally I would do the content after the gameplay however I found this time it might be important to mention what kind of content you can expect in this game. As the variation is basically off the charts. By that I mean you seriously can pretty much do everything you want. There is however a variation in how the sex scenes are displayed though and there for it has to be made clear.

Female Townsfolk: You can talk to every female there, I haven't found any female you can actually fuck though, as they are mostly store owners for vital elements of the game (items, weapons, inns etc). So no real yuri action going on here. But then again logically speaking that makes sense as your goal is to become pregnant and that is just one of the few things a woman can't help you with (directly).

Male townsfolk/Travels/Random dudes: You can, and most likely will fuck all of them. You can't instantly jump on their cocks though, you need to unlock certain levels before certain males are willing to share their seed with you, however it is possible to activate two different sex scenes with every male I have came across so far.

Wild Life: yes, sky is the limit, plenty of crawlers, wildlife and the likes you are fighting in this fantasy world. And yes, in combination of certain skill usage you can actually engage in intercourse, although unlike with the previously mentioned group it isn't displayed as CG art but done as skill animation, so less detail. None the less if you lose... you can still unlock certain scenes (let leave it at that!)

Game Content: A different monster on it's own right, the content of the game is seriously vast. For the price that this game cost (10 dollars) you get more content and more play time then any other RPG similar style RPG I came across so far. With seriously hours upon of hours of gaming pleasure and a continues mode after you completed the story arch allowing you to continue unlocking everything in the game.

With huge array of different CG art for every male NPC and combination of sex skills it pretty much ensures for a very constant stream of continues adult related content given that you are at least used to playing RPG's like this.

Oh and before I forget to mention the sex scenes also include a nice variation of sound effects which of course is a nice add on to it all as well.

The Gameplay
Very similar to other RPG's of this kind. Your goal is to level up to unlock more access with various characters (in this case to male npc's filling you up with cum basically). It has everything you would expect from an RPG of this type right down to the 8bit style sound tracks.

You start as a horny big breasted elven woman that is out to fuck every guy she comes across to get their seed, but to do this you need to of course cross the mountains, travel the grass fields, explore the towns and level up because they aren't just giving out their juices out for free (apparently they have iron willpower).

You start your quest in town (unless you try the trial version, then you start in a cathedral and don't have to buy weapons and such yet), where you have to get your gear to go out of town, to travel the world.

Once outside you travel through the map from 1 point to another, once you come out of towns and the like you can freely walk around in the world map and don't have to follow the road, so you can return to certain spots very easily once you have them unlocked.

To level up you have to do what you have to do in every other RPG, poke the wild life (or mobs if you like). By doing so you level up your abilities which in turn allows you to address more people in the game itself. For both sexual intercourse as for new items to increase your skills and power.

Making the game amusing is the combination of sex skills you can use (like masturbation in front of your enemy) allowing them to be distracted and you gaining the upper hand. Due to Butagoma uses his own animation work it turns out to be a fun addition to the game and increases the overall gaming pleasure.

Of course the mobs advance and vary enormously through out the game the further you advance which isn't really uncommon for an RPG.

The Rating
So if you enjoy RPG, you enjoy the variation of sexual content of both the CG displayed sex scenes covering everything from blowjobs to anal sex and many many more sexual fetishes and the sex skill animations you will definitely enjoy this game. For the price it is a great sight on this market as is truly gives you your money value and it will keep you busy for many hours. Allowing you to continue and keep coming back to unlock everything in the game itself even after 'leveling up'.

There for, for this genre (being Hentai RPG's) this gets a 4.5 out 5, even though all the content in there isn't all my preference there is plenty of mixture of content to ignore the things you aren't into, which will be valid for most of us Hentai lovers.

Still in doubt, try out the free Trial, which gives you tons of content to try out. You don't need Applocale to play it, just need to rename the folder name to Western Characters if you don't use a Japanese Unicode. Also in case of .dll warnings with the Trial (you don't have them in the full version) just download the Dependency pack (for free) from the RPG Maker website, You need the RPG VM (not the latest or XP one).

Download the Game below:
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